Global Peace Women Hosts Prevention and Treatment Health Clinics for Nepalese Women

Global Peace Foundation
May 10, 2016

GPW and Sustainable Healthy Nepal give Nepalese women advice on how to maintain healthy blood pressure.

The human body is complex and requires maintenance to remain healthy, but too often is neglected, leading to chronic pain and other medical issues. To share the importance of prevention and early treatment of common health issues with women in Nepal, Global Peace Women and Sustainable Healthy Nepal host ongoing health classes.

During the most recent series of classes in March 2016, twenty-three women from the outskirts of Kathmandu received blood pressure readings and advice on how to maintain a healthy level. “I learned to measure and put aside salt in the beginning of the day in order to control my blood pressure,” said participant Sita Magar. “Other techniques like using turmeric in wounds in order to stop blood flow was also new knowledge for me. Thank you for holding a program like this.”

Women learn exercises to prevent Uterine Prolapse and other medical issues.

Participants also learned how to prevent Uterine Prolapse, a painful and deadly condition common in Nepalese women laborers, through practicing Kegel pelvic strengthening exercises. Uterine Prolapse remains the leading cause of morbidity in women of remote areas in Nepal (UN).

The classes also provide a safe space for women to bring up important questions on health topics, including nutrition, hygiene, pre-natal and post-natal care and medical conditions.

With two classes slated for April, the program continues to encourage women to become aware of any signs of health problems with themselves or their family and to take quick action, before the onset of serious and painful symptoms.

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