Global Peace Leadership Conference Examines Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

Eric Olsen
October 25, 2011

ormer President Raul Cubas Grau of Paraguay speaks at the session, “Energy Integration: Analysis and Proposals.”

Delegates representing government and civil society from throughout Latin America gathered in Brazilia, the capital of the Republic of Brazil, for the Second Global Peace Leadership Conference in Latin America, “Opportunities, Difficulties and Challenges for Latin America: Strategies on Energy, Food and Ethics,” on October 20, 2011.

Seven former Latin American presidents—Marco Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala), Jaime Paz Zamora (Bolivia), Juan Carlos Wasmosy (Paraguay), Raul Cubas Grau (Paraguay), Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay), Gustavo Noboa Bejarano (Ecuador), Ernesto Perez Balladares (Panama)—attended the welcoming banquet, which presented video highlights of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) work in Paraguay. The conference was hosted by GPF, with the support of Soldados da Paz, GPConnect!, Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento – Patria Soñada (IDPPS), and other institutions.

Former president of Guatemala and founder of Fundacion Esquipulas Marco Vinicio Cerezo thanked Dr. Hyun Jin Moon for his leadership and for the work of the Global Peace Foundation. President Cerezo attended the 2010 Global Peace Leadership Conference in Paraguay and has been working closely with GPF in efforts to bring further prosperity and integration to the region.

Former heads of state were engaged as keynote speakers, panelists and advisors in drafting the Brasilia Declaration. Top left: Former President Marco Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala). Top right: Conferring between sessions. Below: Former Presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy (Paraguay), Ernesto Perez Balladares (Panama), and Raul Cubas Grau (Paraguay), panelists on the Energy Integration session.

Dr. Jose Altamirano, former Supreme Court Minister in Paraguay and president of Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento-Patria Soñada (IDPPS), and GPF International President Youngjun Kim spoke to the importance of the assembly and the significance of developing collaborative regional strategies that include government and the private sector to meet challenges relating to energy and other essentials.

Senator Lilian Samaniego of the Republic of Paraguay introduced members of the Paraguayan delegation and gave an introduction to Global Peace Foundation Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, who addressed the Conference through a recorded video message.

Three major working sessions drew on the experience and breadth of perspective brought by the former Latin American Presidents. In the first session, “Energy Integration: Analysis and Proposals, former Presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy (Paraguay), Ernesto Perez Balladares (Panama), and Raul Cubas Grau (Paraguay) served as panelists; The second session, The Global Need for Food: A Regional Answer,” included former Presidents Marco Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala) and Gustavo Noboa Bejarano (Ecuador); and the third session,  “Necessary Ethical Values for Integration and Development,” included former Presidents Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay), Gustavo Noboa Bejarano (Ecuador), and Jaime Paz Zamora (Bolivia) as distinguished panelists.

The third session was followed by a meeting with the seven former chief executives to discuss the substance of a “Declaration of Brasilia” to present to the Conference.

Closing Plenary

Ecuadoran President delivers a video message to the Brasilia Conference.

The Closing Plenary began with fraternal remarks by current President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who sent a video greeting to extend his support for the initiatives of the Foundation. In his remarks, President Correa emphasized the importance and relevance of the Conference topics of Energy, Food Resources, and Ethics. He encouraged participants and fellow Heads of State to come to conclusions that may ensure a bright future and prosperity for the region.

Former president of Bolivia Jaime Paz Zamora gave closing remarks, making comparisons between episodes in his personal life and points mentioned in Dr. Moon’s speech. The Bolivian President expressed how moved he was by the vision of “One Family under God” and the transformative power of service through which we create a culture of heart.

Students, young professionals and representatives from business and government engage speakers.

At the Closing Plenary, Dr. Bernardino Cano Radil, a member of the Paraguay IDPPS think-tank) presented the Declaration of Brasilia, drafted by the members of the IDPPS with the advice of the seven former Presidents. After reading the document, Dr. Cano Radil called for a reaffirmation of the 2010 Declaration of Asuncion and signing of the Declaration of Brasilia. The Brasilia Declaration ratifies the Asuncion Declaration, and includes principles that should underlie policies related to energy and food resources, and concludes by pledging to work for a Union of Latin America through a continental spiritual awakening to realize the vision of building “One Family under God.”

All seven former presidents were in consensus agreement and signed the Declaration, followed by Conference delegates.

In a Gala celebration, in honor of the seven former heads of state, GPF presented four National Service Awards for moral and innovative leadership, presented for social activities in Brazil; for exemplary work on drug prevention and elementary education; for exemplary work as a pioneer in corporate social responsibility; and for exemplary contribution to social improvements in the state of Goias.

***The Global Peace Festival Foundation (GPFF) was renamed Global Peace Foundation (GPF) in November 2012.


GPF presented National Service Awards at a Gala celebration to conclude to Global Peace Leadership Conference.

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