Global Peace Foundation Malaysia hosts Interfaith Ramadan with Refugees

Global Peace Foundation
July 6, 2017

“It really starts with what we have in common, not what we don’t have in common. Common values are what we need more of.” -Tini Zainuddin

On June 16, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Malaysia convened an Interfaith Ramadan with Refugees Day, providing the opportunity for Malaysians and refugees from six different countries to celebrate the month of forgiveness, gratitude and giving together.

The Picha Project, a catering enterprise that supports refugees’ by selling their home-cooked traditional dishes, partnered with GPF Malaysia to provide a buffet of traditional cuisine from the refugees’ countries of origin.

Team icebreakers gave participants the chance to learn about each other through easy and fun activities like finger painting. Groups were asked to depict their story or life philosophy and shared their work with others.

Deborah Henry, a representative of Fugee School, was inspired by the diversity of the interfaith forum saying, “I love speaking at events where the crowd is so mixed. Everyone comes from a different place, they look different, and they have different stories, different cultures.”

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