Global Peace Foundation Korea Receives Grand Prize at the 12th Annual Korean Youth Award Ceremony

Global Peace Foundation
January 9, 2015

The Global Peace Foundation – Korea received the Grand Prize in the Youth Leadership Category at the 12th Annual Korean Youth Award ceremony hosted by the Korean Youth Newspaper. GPF-Korea President In Taek Seo represented the organization at the ceremony held on December 20 at the Baekbeom Memorial in Seoul.

Global Peace Foundation – Korea President Mr. In Taek Seo receives the 12th Annual Korean Youth Award recognizing GPF-Korea’s work to engage youth with the issue of Korean reunification. (photo credit: NewsIs)

The Global Peace Foundation was recognized for its ongoing work to raise a “Unification Generation” through its creative grass-roots projects that seek to spread the vision and culture of reunification to Korean youth.

Global Peace Foundation – Korea has a number of  notable projects aimed at education, vision building and cross-cultural exchanges.

  • The “Unification Project Competition” is an annual competition that solicits creative ideas that raise awareness of, educate about, and work towards Korean reunification from university to elementary school students.
  • A growing coalition of university students around Korea are forming under the name “Unification Supporters.” They volunteer and participate in forums that contribute to reunification
  • A curriculum and program called “Journey towards Unification” develops the vision, principles and values for a reunified Korea for Korean school children.
  • Forums on Northeast Asian security and relations have been held with local and international students

Other programs include Unification Concerts and Debates and a Multicultural Youth Corp for Unification.

The annual awards are sponsored by the Republic of Korea National Assembly, the Ministry of Unification, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, NGOs, and the Korean Scout League.

The ceremony was covered by NewsIs.

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