Global Peace Foundation Kenya Director Discusses Results of Presidential Election 2022

Global Peace Foundation
August 19, 2022

Following a peaceful election season, Kenyans are in the process of welcoming a new President for the country. Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya has been instrumental with stakeholders and partners across the country in advocating for peaceful elections in a historically tumultuous atmosphere surrounding the region’s political stability.

GPF Kenya is part of the Mkenya Daima (Kiswahili for “Kenyan forever”) initiative: a multi-stakeholder platform to inspire Kenyans towards peaceful elections and prosperity. This year, the Mkenya Daima Initiative brought together hundreds of delegates in May 2022 to continue to build a foundation for peaceful elections through a call for leadership and cooperation.

While the Kenyan people await a conclusion to the elections with prayers and encouragement for peaceful transition, GPF Kenya continues to engage leaders and members of local communities in peaceful dialogue.


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