Global Peace Foundation Inaugurated into National Youth Council of Brazil

Naomi Yakawich
September 20, 2017

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil was officially inaugurated as a new member of the National Youth Council of Brazil (CONJUVE) at the Planalto Palace, the office of the President of Brazil, on August 15.

CONJUVE is a conglomerate of 40 civil society national, regional, state and municipal entities tasked with formulating and proposing guidelines for public policies on youth, developing studies and research on the socioeconomic reality of young people and promoting exchanges between national and international youth organizations.

GPF youth representative for CONJUVE, Erika Trombin

This year’s election process to become a member of CONJUVE was attended by representatives from nearly 200 different organizations at the National Youth Secretariat in Brasilia. “With broad, open, democratic and participatory elections, we will bring Conjuve closer to the problems of Brazilian youth and provide opportunities for young people from all Brazilian states and regions to be represented on the Council,” said the National Youth Secretary, Assis Filho.

Accepted organizations serve a two-year term as a voting chair, represented by accomplished youth leaders. Representing GPF Brazil is Erika Trombin with the assistance of GPF Brazil Vice President Romel Munhoz. Ms. Trombin has also been nominated as a youth representative for the Department of Peace and Security and a member of the Commission of International Relations.

GPF partners also represented on the CONJUVE board include Global Attitude, School of Human Rights, and the Muay Thai Confederation.

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