Global Peace Foundation Extends Condolences and Pledges Relief Efforts to Philippine Disaster Victims

Eric Olsen
November 12, 2013

National flag of the Philippines.

The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Headquarters staff and global chapters are deeply saddened by the extensive loss of life and the serious damage to homes and infrastructure in the Philippines as a result of the devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda).

In a statement, Global Peace Foundation Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon said, “I am profoundly grieved by the injuries, loss of life and destruction of property that has resulted from this powerful storm. I extend my sincere condolences to the Philippine people and pledge GPF’s resources and human capacity to bring urgent relief to victims.

“Disasters of this magnitude call upon the good will of the entire human family.  Indeed—as witnessed in recovery efforts from the great Asian tsunamis that devastated Japan and South Asia and Hurricane Katrina, which brought historic destruction to the U.S. Gulf coast—nations and peoples respond to epic disasters with compassion. Such events affirm the common bonds that unite our human family beyond any barriers of race, religion or nationality.”

Global Peace Foundation President James Flynn also announced that the Global Peace Festival scheduled to be hosted in Manila this month has been postponed.  The Global Peace Leadership Conference on November 20-22 will convene as scheduled but will reflect significant efforts of GPF and the international community to provide disaster relief to victims of the Philippine tragedy.

“GPF staff may be alerted to work closely with the Government to support its efforts with other NGO’s to assess the situation and respond rapidly to help people in need,” Mr. Flynn said.  “A disaster of this magnitude calls upon the empathy and resources of all, and we encourage the global community to donate to the service organization of their choice to provide emergency aid to the Philippine people. GPF will be engaging volunteers and donations from its Asia chapters including solar LED lights and other relief materials.”

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