global peace corps

The goal of the Global Peace Corps is to become the premier, global initiative through which young leaders engage in peacebuilding and service programs to address critical issues, motivated by the vision of One Family Under God.

A catalyst for a new generation of peacebuilders

Global Peace Corps will mobilize peacebduilers for local, regional, and international initiatives.
The landmark launching initiative will be Korean Unification.
Given priority focus on peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, a movement of young leaders is needed to accelerate breakthroughs especially with youth in Korea as well as to build international support.
Engage young leaders from the Indo-Pacific region and beyond in programs and activities in Korea and their home nations that build momentum and support for the Korean Dream, a Free and Unified Korea, and the 2025 Korean Dream rally of 10 million people.

Global Peace Corps Proclamation

Manila, Philippines | December 13, 2023

Whereas, the world is continually confronted by a myriad of global crises, including wars and atrocities causing millions to suffer, along with environmental challenges and impacts on the human family across the world, including violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms; and

Whereas, these circumstances are exacerbating fragmentation and divisions within societies and undermining mutual respect and understanding among different cultures and nations; and 

Whereas, effectively addressing such challenges requires collaborative action guided by a comprehensive vision and grounded in universal principles and shared values and a spirit of service to others; and 

Affirming, that all people have intrinsic value, dignity, and fundamental rights as endowed by the Creator, and that beyond all differences of race, ethnicity or religion we are all essentially connected as one family under God; and

Whereas, the Global Peace Corps aims to engage and train young leaders committed to such high ideals, galvanizing a new generation of moral and innovative peacebuilders who together solve critical problems and ignite a new flame of hope for global cooperation and peace, and

Whereas, the Global Peace Corps is a vitally-needed initiative that will empower young leaders through peacebuilding skills, character education and service opportunities, offering significant leadership credentials and a lifelong sense of fulfillment together with enduring cross-cultural relationships, in collaboration with civil society partners, universities, nations, and international bodies;

Therefore, at this historic Global Peace Convention gathering on December 13, 2023, in Manila, Philippines, joined together in support of young leaders with high aspirations and unwavering determination to become transformative peacebuilders, we hereby proclaim the establishment and launch of the Global Peace Corps.  May it serve as a beacon of hope and a powerful force for good that strives to the highest standard of living in service to others, guided by the vision of One Family Under God.