Global Peace Convention 2014 – GET SOCIAL!

Global Peace Foundation
November 18, 2014

Share your experience! We’ll make sure to make it worth your while.

We’re really happy that you’re participating in the 6th annual Global Peace Convention. We’re also happy that you’ve decided to share your experience with others.

By choosing to share your experience on your social networks, you’re multiplying the impact of your participation. Share the good news, the happenings beyond the walls of this convention, not just cute photos of your cats.

To help you along, we have some exciting campaigns in store.

If you participate, you can get a chance to get some pretty nifty prizes.

Question of the Day

Answer the question of the day on your twitter account and using the appropriate hashtags, you can earn cups and pins that you can pick up at our Social Media Stand.

If you do not have a Twitter account, you can answer the questions by entering our fanpage on Facebook.

You’ll be rated for the quality of your answer and the number of likes, retweets, replies, and favorites you get.

Here are the questions:

  • 18th: Why are YOU excited for the Global Peace Convention?
  • 19th: What is YOUR vision for your country?
  • 20th: How can liberty, prosperity, and integrity be realized?
  • 21st: How will YOU transform YOUR country?

Best Selfie with a Former-President

@olindasalguero has a running start on the Presidential Selfies.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can participate via Facebook or Twitter. The best selfie with a former president attending the Second Summit of the Presidential Mission gets a prize. Tag @MisionPL and the former president for twitter (if they have a handle). Don’t forget to include #GlobalPeace.

You can participate in one or both campaigns, and make sure to invite your Friends to jump in. The more the merrier!

Just do not forget the following to make sure you’re in the conversation!

  • Participants must use #GlobalPeace or #PazGlobal & #CPG14 for Twitter, and comment on GPF page for Facebook.
  • Participants must also write something interesting about your meeting with the president
  • Tag @MisionPL and the former president for twitter (if they have a handle)
  • Your tweets and posts will be rated by content and number of retweets, replies, and favorites

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