Global Peace Convention 2013 Concludes with Kuala Lumpur Peace Resolution

Global Peace Foundation
December 23, 2013

H.E. Hajiya Amina Sambo signing the Kuala Lumpur Peace Resolution.


Acknowledging the sovereignty of Almighty God, the source of inalienable rights and the basis for the equality, dignity and intrinsic value of all people as One Family under God;

Whereas throughout the ages, religions and faiths have been the source of peace and hope, providing the spiritual resources necessary to build ethical societies, while at the same time religious rivalries and ethnic conflicts have spread intolerance and violence;

Whereas genuine spiritual leaders of moral authority have served as the catalysts for positive social transformation, championing compassion in action, standing against corruption, fighting racial discrimination, and tirelessly advocating pluralism;

Whereas the moral vision of living for the greater good can and must be the basis for inspiring innovative change; and creative collaboration and multi-sector partnerships can bring the necessary collective impact to effectively overcome poverty, inequity, disease, ignorance, illiteracy and hunger; we, the undersigned

AFFIRM the central importance of universal principles and moral values as the basis for social cohesion in diverse and pluralistic global societies;

AFFIRM the power of the traditional extended family to provide the spiritual and ethical education to nurture and transmit the values, moral standards and culture of service into the next generation;

RECOGNIZE the unique significance of Global Peace Convention V addressing the theme “Unity in Diversity: Building Social Cohesion for Sustainable Peace through Universal Aspirations, Principles and Values,” convened in Malaysia, a nation committed to values of unity, tolerance and moderation.

We therefore, as international delegates from more than 40 nations with diverse cultural traditions jointly proclaim our Resolutions to:

Article 1. Build a movement of multi-sector, faith-based, civil society groups based on the vision of One Family under God, rooted in universal principles and shared values, to overcome religious extremism and to promote just and ethical societies.

Article 2. Promote the establishment of a faith-based peace council as an integral structure of the United Nations, acting as a moral compass for its decision-making bodies, based upon the collective wisdom of the world’s great faith traditions.

Article 3. Promote moral and innovative leadership as a strategic framework for building sustainable peace for a prosperous future.

Article 4. Invest in youth globally through character and creativity programs, in partnership with Ministries of Education, advancing moral and innovative leadership, character competency, community-building and social entrepreneurship as essential complements to traditional forms of education.

Article 5. Strengthen the shared vision and networks for promoting volunteerism and service through regional peace service corps and community-driven initiatives.

Article 6. Work collaboratively with the UN, World Bank, governments, the media, private sector and civil society organizations to promote innovative, community-driven development and youth entrepreneurship initiatives.

Article 7. Uplift the unique role of women as peace builders and cultivators of universal values in the family through programs that educate and empower women.

We hereby commit to support these goals and actions by affixing our signatures below.

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