Future-Ready Education

Career opportunities favor graduates with global competencies and digital literacy, especially in the new frontiers of the virtual environment.

Global Peace Foundation programs empower students to use science and technology to solve real world problems. GPF partners with leading technology companies who provide hands-on trainings through the Cisco Academy, Andela’s Teen Code, Oracle Academy, and IBM’s Teachers Try Science amongst others to equip teachers and students with technological skills, interdisciplinary learning, and practical knowledge that prepare them for the twenty-first century workforce.

The global pandemic has underscored the need for readiness in online access, quality of education and well-being of students and teachers. The need for moral and innovative leadership has never been more pertinent as educators rethink ways to prepare their students for the world of automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and climate change, as well as responding to social issues of inequality and relating beyond differences.

Through virtual conferences and the bi-annual Global Peace Convention in August 2021, Global Peace Foundation supports thought leaders who explore new trends, ideas, policies, and innovations to prepare students to be successful in all aspects of their lives and have the agency to contribute to the creation of flourishing societies.

Education systems desperately need to be innovative to adapt to fast-paced change, when 65 percent of students entering school now will end up in jobs that do not yet exist. According to the World Economic Forum, a “skills revolution” could open a host of new opportunities. Therefore, responsive education approaches are necessary to ensure that students are future-ready to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

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