Forum on Cooperative Societies and Peaceful Coexistence Held in Fadan Chawai, Nigeria

Naomi MacMurdie
April 30, 2024
Man speaking at a microphone in front of a banner that reads

Abdul Ahmed speaks to participants.

“I’m inspired by the enthusiasm and unity displayed today. Let’s harness the power of cooperation to create sustainable livelihoods and opportunities for all members of our community.”

A leader of the Ni’ima Cooperative Society, a partner of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria, shared his enthusiasm for the joint efforts to bridge religious and cultural divides in Southern Kaduna.

A community meeting in a rural building in Fadan Chawai with many people sitting and listening to speakers at the front.

Audience at a one-day forum hosted by GPF Nigeria.

In a one-day event held in Fadan Chawai on March 2, 2024, more than 160 men, women, and youth gathered to hear keynote speeches from community and religious leaders advocating for cooperative societies and peaceful coexistence. The audience included families, local authorities, and people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

A uniformed officer giving a speech on Peaceful Coexistence and holding papers in a room with seated men listening attentively.

Nigerian officer shares words of encouragement to the audience.

“As the Divisional Police Officer, I commend the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in promoting peace and economic stability,” said one participant, “Let’s continue working together for a safer and prosperous community.”

Mr. Abdul Ahmed with GPF Nigeria stated, “On behalf of the Global Peace Foundation, I applaud the community’s commitment to unity and cooperation. Together, we can build a future of peace and prosperity for all as members of One Family Under God.”

A captain from the Nigerian Army was moved by the collaboration he saw at the forum stating, “I commend the community’s dedication to peacebuilding. Let’s continue to support each other in fostering security and development.”

The chairman of the Kauru Peace and Reconciliation Committee also commended the community for coming together to build a more resilient community. The peace committee is one of several groups formed following years of peacebuilding workshops and facilitated dialogue by GPF Nigeria. Together with local partners the peace committee strives to foster collaboration and enhance community empowerment, strengthened security, and economic resilience.

A group of women in colorful headscarves, members of a cooperative society, sitting at a wooden table in a classroom, looking at the camera.

Audience at a one-day forum hosted by GPF Nigeria.

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