Former Presidents Launch Latin American Presidential Mission

Global Peace Foundation
December 1, 2012

One of the most important events of the Global Peace Convention Atlanta 2012 was the Americas Summit: Presentation of the Latin American Presidential Mission. Seven former heads of state participated in the launch of the Presidential Mission amid a flurry of Latin American and US press. These seven former heads represented more than a dozen former Latin American Presidents attending the convention to introduce a new era of international relations between the United States and Latin America.

At the GPC Atlanta 2012 seven former presidents of Latin America launch the Latin American Presidential Mission


Convention Co-Chair State Senator Emanuel Jones welcomed the group and acknowledged the collegial meeting of the minds he and the presidents have enjoyed over the course of the convention. “I don’t remember a time in our (Georgia) states history that we have had this many Latin American presidents convene in one place,” he noted.

With tapes rolling and cameras flashing, Senator Jones turned the Summit over to H.E. Marco Vinicio Cerezo of Guatemala to lead the announcement of the Mission. Cerezo explained the purpose of the mission — speaking in his native tongue, but answered questions for the American press in English.

In conjunction with GPF’s convention theme:  “Moral and Innovative Leadership:  Building Healthy Families, Ethical Societies and a Global Culture of Peace,” Cerezo explained that as former heads of state of their respective countries, the presidents could still be useful in helping bring peace to Latin American nations in suffering and conflict by working with incumbent Latin American presidents and other organizations – like GPF – to bring peace and relief to its citizenry.

He referenced the problems facing Latin Americans after “the consolidation of democracy and the tension of confrontation and war in the near past.”

“We are going to take advantage of the willingness, experience, leadership and knowledge (of the former presidents) and make an analysis and proposal to the current presidents to resolve the different social economic and security problems in our countries,” stated Cerezo. “We have been in their shoes. … We still have influence with the population and in the country as former presidents. (We want) to continue working to resolve these problems.” he said.

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