Families in Montana March Against Drugs and Violence

Global Peace Foundation
June 12, 2019

MONTANA, June 8, 2019— Families in the city of Billings braved the pouring rain to gather at the Courthouse lawn for the 22nd Annual March Against Drugs and Violence.

A group of people walking in the rain with umbrellas.

The March Against Drugs and Violence brings awareness in downtown Billings, Montana

A partner for the March, Global Peace Foundation supports grassroots peacebuilding efforts to create healthy environments where families can thrive as the basic units of strong communities and society as a whole.

Michael Yakawich, founder of the March Against Drugs and Violence, began the project with his wife and five kids 22 years ago, pulling a little red wagon carrying flyers, water, and a kid or two to go out into the community and show support for families facing the overwhelming challenge of drug abuse and violence. The event now draws hundreds around the city every year to listen to the heartbreaking yet inspiring stories of those affected by drug abuse and violence and to stand together in solidarity as a community.

Billings Mayor Cole

Billings Mayor Cole

The challenges presented by substance abuse is present in countries around the world, and from Nigeria to Latin America, GPF strives to get whole families involved in proactive ways to prevent and combat drug abuse. Projects like the March Against Drugs and Violence promote health education programs, anti-drug campaigns, and community mobilization, including cooperation between organizations within those communities to support individuals and families in overcoming challenges to make significant contributions to society.

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