Experts Address Korean Reunification at the Global Peace Convention 2019

Global Peace Foundation
March 6, 2019
Leaders discuss religious freedom for North Korea at the Global
Peace Convention 2019

The Global Peace Convention 2019 hosted in Seoul, South Korea from February 26 through March 1 explored an urgent need for a broad and inclusive vision to bridge social and political divides around the world with specific focus on the Korean peninsula.

While still warning against the economic shock a hasty unification could bring, experts, scholars and leaders presented the stability a Korean-led process of unification could bring based on the peninsula’s shared identity and cultural heritage with an emphasis on ideals articulated at the time of the founding of the Korean nation, Hongik Ingan.

Founder and Chairman of Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon said the Korean Dream was a world dream to be embraced by all humanity. “It is a shame Korea is the only divided nation in the world,” he said.  

Sessions ranged from unification of the Korean peninsula to transforming education, value-based peace-building and international religious freedom.

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