Global Peace Youth Exchange Thailand 2018

Global Peace Youth Exchange Thailand 2018

Global Peace Youth Exchange Thailand 2018

The Global Peace Youth Exchange (GPYE) is an international leadership development program that empowers aspiring youth across  the globe for achieving sustainable peace and development in their communities, nations and the world as […]

The Global Peace Youth Exchange (GPYE) is an international leadership development program that empowers aspiring youth across  the globe for achieving sustainable peace and development in their communities, nations and the world as moral and innovative leaders. The program brings together students/young professionals for a series of transformative and experiential learning activities through which participants acquire first-hand experience in leadership development, join a lasting global leadership network, and make meaningful impact in tackling relevant critical issues.  

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Day 1 (13 March 2018) 

Arrival at Bangkok, Welcoming Dinner and Program Orientation

Welcome to the most enigmatic city, a head-on clash between traditional and modernity – Bangkok! You will be welcome by a dynamic working team at the hotel by the warm hospitality. At the registration desk, the team will receive a program tool kits and you might need to freshen up at your hotel room after check-in. This is a merely fresh beginning of the program. Sharp at 4:00PM, we will have an exciting orientation program where you can interact with all the friends from around the world, knowing each other till you truly feel at home with all sorts of fund activities. 


Day 2 (14 March 2018) 

UN SDGs briefing, PATA Sustainable Tourism Workshop


The UN SDGs briefing will enlighten you with the most pressing issues now the world facing and how you can involve, participate and actively engage in providing your great ideas to create sustainable future for humanity, planet earth. The session will be an interactive conversation between UN agencies and the delegate in the context of sustainable tourism. 


In the afternoon, the workshop will be conduct by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) to more insightful information from many experts and prestige speakers in the tourism industry for their significant contribution in creating sustainability in terms of social equity, environmental conservation and cultural preservation in line with the sufficient modern development. The workshop will tap into the power of young leaders to find moral and innovative solutions to the global challenges. Discussion will focus on youth leadership, barrier in the way of youth involvement, and how young people can take ownership in achieving sustainable peace and development. 


Day 3 (15 March 2018) 

Social Exploration Program on Urban Development 


This day is designed to immerse in Bangkok’s multifaceted dimensions and explore the topic of urban development and it’s sustainability from different cultural viewpoints. Delegates will explore the rather inaccessible parts of the city and visit spiritual aspects of different areas to exchange and reflect on the human role of creating a sustainable society. The exploration will be conducted in several small groups through public transportation and plenty of walking. Along the way, you will enjoy the diversity of Bangkok’s street food, and aspect that makes Bangkok unique. You will be able to taste delicious home made Thai food in a local host while we will have discussion with some startup companies about their works on sustainable tourism. The day will end with a nice dinner on one of Bangkok best rooftop bars along the Chao Phraya’s river and will give you an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of the urban adventurous day. 


Day 4 (16 March 2018) 

Environmental Conservation Study Tour and Experiential Learning 


Day 4 will take delegates on a journey to Thailand’s less known coastal areas nevertheless an important environmental conserve areas in Samutsongkhram located at the Gulf of Thailand. You will visit a local community enterprise working on eco-tourism. The goals to better understands the roles and importance of coastal communities and the eco-system for sustainability, and engage in local environmental service activities with the fisherman such as planting mangrove trees. You will see a showcase of how tourism can support the efforts of local and help restore natural resources. 


Day 5 (17 March 2018) 

Cultural & Heritage Biking Adventure, Exploring Ancient Rural Community 


Day 5 will feature a culturally immersive community engagement in Samut Songkhram’s remote temple schools located along the side arms of Meaklong River. This program is designed to teach the delegates about rural communities, temples, and schools as well as the traditional life by the water. The aim is to create a fun and memorable day for children at the temple school and help raise funds to better equip studies with supplies and support them through other means. We will have the chance to track back in time and experience the ancient floating-markets used for local trade rather than tourism alone. The exploration will inspire youth its local wisdom on creating a sustainable model that connects the local economy and tourism industries. 


Day 6 (18 March 2018) 

Social Business Workshop, Graduation Ceremony 


The social business training will provides an overview of social entrepreneurship connect to SDGs. You will be assigned to a working group and the facilitator will stimulate everyone ideas (creative thinking/design thinking) on how you can reflect your last few days experiences into some ideas that workable for social impacts. This will be an exciting session where the outcome of the entire program can be generates and you have the chance to pitch your ideas to the potential funders. You will learn the a great deal by working with some experts to excel your team ideas.