EPOCA Interviews Former President Cerezo on Global Peace Leadership Conference in Brazil

Global Peace Foundation
October 10, 2015

Interviewer Teresa Perosa of EPOCA interviews the first democratically-elected president of Guatemala, Vinicio Cerezo (1986-1996), on his thoughts regarding the current state of Latin America and the 2015 Global Peace Leadership Conference in Brazil.

H.E. Vinicio Cerezo discusses the strategies for integration of Central America and “deepening the quality of democracy.” “We must invest in deepening the quality of democracy, tackle extreme inequalities and, above all move towards a model of sustainable development that put human beings at the center,” said Cerezo.

He continued by highlighting the importance of transforming institutions into just and equitable functioning roles for society. Cerezo also offered his views on Brazil’s role in South America as well as youth participation in political elections.




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