Elanza News Reports on Global Peace Foundation – Nigeria Kaduna State Peacebuilding Training

Global Peace Foundation
May 25, 2016

Global Peace Foundation Nigeria Director John Oko called on Nigerians to unite to move their country forward during a training workshop held in Kaduna, Nigeria in May for representative faith and community leaders from Mando, Soba, Zonkwa, Dutsen Wai, Sabo Gari Kwoi and Maraba Rido.

The community trainings are an ongoing effort by the Global Peace Foundation to work with community leaders to foster interfaith cooperation and community development.  “Our message is very simple,” said Oko in a story published by Elanza news, “irrespective of our tribal and religion differences, we are all members of God’s family.”

Oko added further, “We work with the community in solving their own problems,” as he explained Global Peace Foundation’s approach of working with faith leaders to build interfaith relationships that can help identify and resolve local issues.

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