Educators Conduct Online Webinar Series to Transform Education in the Philippines

Global Peace Foundation
October 9, 2020

By Loren De Guzman

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Philippines has hosted three online forums since June 2020 as part of the Transforming Education Webinar Series.

The latest, held on September 24 in celebration of National Teacher’s Month highlighted the topic, “Teacher Well-Being: Solution and Challenges.” Other important themes covered in previous webinars have explored a wide array of topics related to “Solutions to Education Challenges with Moral and Innovative Leadership.”

Crafted to provide support and guidance to educators in this time of the global pandemic, the webinars have involved hundreds of educators, students, and young professionals in discussions brought up by distinguished speakers from different sectors involved in educating the youth of the Philippines.

Speakers on Zoom

Panelists from GPF, the Department of Education, and stakeholders from across the country have provided their expertise in incorporating moral and innovative practices in the field of education, transforming education while adapting to the challenging circumstances brought on by the closure of face-to-face classrooms. Education technology organizations like Frontlearners Inc. were also represented on the online conferences, describing services to provide online and offline materials for students in order to promote equity and inclusivity because not everyone can afford to go online or even provide themselves with new gadgets.

Moreover, the webinars are addressing the importance of mental health for educators who are constantly adapting to new changes brought on by the pandemic. Speakers emphasized that it is important for an educator to have a moral and even spiritual standing so he or she can properly guide their students. Educators play a vital role in making their students goal-oriented, critical thinkers, and resilient as to face the challenges in life like the current pandemic.

Cooperation between the public and private sectors is essential to securing the future of students in the Philippines and around the world. Training and webinars were made available online so that educators could continue to enrich their knowledge and wisdom to effectively support and guide their students. Collaboration is vital to achieving progress.

Participants shared their input on the power of quality education on the webinar series:

“As educators, we serve as leaders to our learners, we need to upgrade to adapt and embrace the new normal not only on technical skills like being capable in using new platforms of teaching but also with good attitudes to conquer all challenges… we need to consider both moral and innovative leadership—a good combination to embrace the new normal in education system.” (R. De Guzman)

“We at the field of education are being challenged now because of the pandemic, but it is important to believe that any challenge can be faced and passed if you believe in the system, that there are many who are willing to help. It is not just our country that’s dealing with it. We must believe in our government that they are also doing their utmost part to create solutions. Together, working hand in hand with other individuals who are willing to render help. The future is NOW so we must decide on making appropriate actions now. Let us start by creating peace in ourselves, use this time to prepare and better face our students ready for this new normal.” (M. Popanes)

“We, teachers, are going to play a big role when it comes to education. So we must be prepared on how are we going to address the education challenges and on how we are going to become an efficient and effective teacher and leader.” (R. Descallar)

This webinar series is made possible because of the cooperation of the Department of Education and Frontlearners Inc. Keep up with the latest on the Transforming Education Webinar Series and sign up for newsletters to stay up to date on peacebuilding around the world.

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