Echoing the Dreams and Ideals that Characterize Nelson Mandela

Eric Olsen
July 23, 2013

July 18th was Nelson Mandela Day, a United Nations backed international day of service. 67 minutes to commemorate 67 years of Madiba’s years in prison dedicated to the cause of equal rights for all races.

In Kenya, the national chapter of the Global Peace Foundation together with the South African High Commission celebrated Mandela’s legacy at Kimilani Primary School in Nairobi.

Students at Kilimani took pause from their studies to serve for 67 minutes alongside staff and members and the community.  This year’s focus was, “Literacy, Shelter and Food Security.”  Aligned with this year’s theme, the volunteers planted fruit trees and refurbished a storage shed into a library.

One Global Peace Youth Corps volunteer told NTV the service was to, “Echo some of the ideals that [Mandela] stood for.” In a separate interview with KTN TV, Director of GPF-Kenya Daniel Juma said, “We want to send a message from Kenya, that all of Africa is living his [Mandela’s] dream.”

The official commemoration of Mandela’s legacy may only take place one day of the year. But working to provide equality, education, opportunity, food, shelter and a shared sense of social responsibility for all of the children of Africa and the world, ensures that this dream resonates and lives on in the hearts of all members of the human family.

Regional Coordinator of GPF-Africa, Ju Yong Kim reflected on the project, “Mandela has dedicated his whole life to this ideal. I would like it if this initiative bore two or three more individuals like him. Peace would come sooner.

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