Dignity in the Home: Grassroots Nepal Theater Sheds Light on the Reality of Today’s Family

Naomi Yakawich
October 5, 2017

Nepalese Students use Drama to Send a Message on International Day of Peace

Thousands of Nepalese men, women and children have participated in this year alone for the ongoing theater forum put on by students passionate about changing the way their society looks at respectful relationships within the home.

On September 21, International Day of Peace, young actors and actresses once again took to the stage to send a powerful message of how dignity in the home is an absolutely vital step to preserving peaceful families and a world that values the role every person plays in peaceful societies.

In these dramas, students display common scenarios in Nepalese family life from discrimination to the relationships between in-laws and the relationship between husband and wife.

For these young men and women, they’re not just putting on a show. Youth have to face the challenging reality placed on their genders every day.

People of all ages stop to watch Nepalese students perform on International Day of Peace

One young man who attended a forum performance was moved and formed a determination to be more careful of the words he used in daily life. “Some small things that we neglect in our everyday life have a larger effect in our community and relationships. The words used between husband and wife and in-laws affect our life and sometimes create problems between them. We need to be very careful while selecting our language.”

But the performances do not only affect theatergoers. Performers and narrators are proud to be part of the grassroots effort to change the social norm. Once very shy, Sandhya Acharya is now a seasoned actress and more importantly, a strong and passionate leader in organizing projects that address issues of gender-based violence and promoting family values education. “In the program, I did not only learn leadership skills, but also had the chance to apply those skills practically,” said Sandhya.

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