Congratulatory Remarks Donna Schuller (GPW Session 4)

Global Peace Foundation
February 26, 2017

Dear women peacemakers around the world!

I am honored to be here and give this speech on behalf of the GPW International Advisory Council Members.

First of all, congratulations to GPW–for the growth of their works and meaningful activities with such incredible women leaders around the world. This kind of convention will especially provide us with opportunities to fully recognize our own senses of who we are, and why we wish to work together under the name of GPW. We are given a chance to deeply reflect upon and consider what we want to do in the future, in order to contribute and build a better world through the indispensable initiatives of women.


As a certified expert in nutrition, wellness, and family dynamics coaching, I take a holistic approach to nourishing people’s body, mind, and soul. I’ve been pastoring with my husband for over 25 years, which helped me to develop my love for God and witness the importance of spirituality in our overall health. I am the proud mother of four adult children, and I am also blessed with grandchildren. Each of these life experiences have taught me the importance of peace beginning with the self and in the home. In fact, the first time I spoke as a pastor’s wife, the topic was on peace and making your home a haven for peace.

That’s why it was very natural for me to work with the Global Peace Foundation and, of course, Global Peace Women. I am happy to be among such wonderful people of faith who are committed to building peace, and I warmly welcome all of you to this women leaders’ session. Together, I look forward to recognizing great examples of peace leaders in the Global Peace Women network. We will also have the chance to meet each other, develop relationships, and network.


Since my involvement with the Global Peace Foundation, I’ve shared the speaking platform with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and people from a variety of faith traditions. Even before then, traveling around the world as a Christian, my husband and I have raised our children to respect and interact with people from different cultures, religions, and races. My life has been rich and full of blessings because I loved people who are different than me with the understanding that we are all created by God—we are all one family under God.


More important than our differences is the love that God has for each of us, the peace dream that we share, and our common effort to be good role models in the family and in society. I hope that each of us will receive great blessings and joy from meeting with and working alongside principled women leaders gathered here from around the globe. Please take advantage of this opportunity to open your hearts and support each other in the important work of peacebuilding.

Again, I congratulate this significant women’s summit for building peace together under the dream of “One Family under God,” as well as the vision and message of “Peace begins in the Home.” More than anything, through our love and sincere efforts, I believe that there is enough strength and potential to bring about healthy and beautiful change for the world.

God bless, and thank you.


The above is a prepared presentation for the Global Peace Convention 2017. Changes in actual delivery may not be reflected.

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