Conflict Prevention and Mediation Training in Bukuru

Robin McDonough
November 29, 2023
People receiving Bukuru mediation training in a room for conflict prevention.

Audience at a GPF Nigeria peacebuilding training workshop.

A two-day conflict prevention and mediation training workshop was held in Bukuru, Jos South Local Government Area of  Plateau state on October 10-11, 2023. Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria partnered with the Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) to host the training, which focused on teaching key aspects of peacebuilding to the 40 diverse participants who attended the workshop.

The training, based on GPF’s peacebuilding principles in its One Family Under God (OFUG) vision, recognizes each person’s inherent dignity and value regardless of religious or ethnic background. Acknowledging the need to transcend cultural and religious boundaries and create a service culture, participants were taught conflict resolution, mitigation skills, and mediation techniques to prepare them to engage in peacebuilding activities in their families and communities.

A man in a green shirt receiving mediation training for conflict prevention.

Abdul Ahmed leads hands-on activities at a GPF Nigeria workshop.

Mr. Abdul Ahmed, the Program Manager of GPF Nigeria, led the two-day training where participants engaged in hands-on exercises and group tasks to enhance their peacebuilding knowledge and skills. Opening the workshop, Mr. Ahmed reiterated GPF Nigeria Program Director Reverend Joseph Hayab’s commitment to achieving peace in the country. This includes using economic interventions to empower women and lessen poverty’s hold on them.

The power of dialogue was emphasized in its ability to transcend individual and group differences to create a cooperative and non-violent approach to achieving sustainable peace. Several participants commented on the value of the workshop. Pastor Jeremiah stated, “I feel better equipped to lead my congregation in building harmonious relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.” Gaining a new perspective, Alhaji Suleiman (Sarkin Buzu), noted, “The commitment to service and mutual understanding will undoubtedly contribute to a more cohesive and prosperous society.”

The training will grow exponentially as participants use the peacebuilding knowledge and skills gained from the workshop to engage with their families and communities. Participants displayed a positive shift in how they interacted with others throughout the two-day workshop and expressed interest in replicating the training in their communities. Gwom Pam commented, “As a representative of People With Disabilities, I see the potential for positive change in our interactions. I am motivated to share these teachings with fellow leaders for collective efforts in fostering lasting peace.”

A group of people sitting around a table engaging in conflict prevention and mediation, potentially organized in the community of Bukuru.

Participants engage in group discussion and activities during GPF Nigeria peace training workshop.

Through its strategic partnership with entities such as CRUDAN, GPF Nigeria promotes a shared vision of achieving lasting peace and transforming society to collaboratively engage in peacebuilding activities. Peacebuilding becomes an important foundational element for individuals, families, and communities by providing diverse community members with conflict prevention and mediation training.

Recognizing the value of training community members in peacebuilding activities, GPF Nigeria has conducted additional workshops throughout November, including a workshop promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief within the community and a Community Dialogue and Reconciliation workshop.

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