College Students from North and South take part in Farming Activity to Develop Compassion for Reunification

Global Peace Foundation
October 23, 2015

About 40 South Korean college students and North Korean defectors took part in joint farming activities in ChoongCheongNam-Doh, HongSongGun, to gain understanding and compassion towards reunification.

Korean Hana Foundation created the project, “Youth from North and South Good Life Project, 3 meals a day”, (나마복청춘 잘살아보세 프로젝트, 삼시세끼) to break through to the college age youth who are apathetic towards reunification.

From the 24th to the 25th, they actively planned and executed their project and experienced what it would be like to live together.

GPYC-Korea (Rep Dongshik Hong) co-hosted the “3 Meals a Day” (삼시세끼) and explained how this was an opportunity for the college students who were busy with studies and job hunting to escape from that reality and change their fixed ideas/stereotypes by living with the North Korean defectors.

Team Leader Chorong Yoon, from GPYC Korea said, “Though it was awkward when they first met, they were able to realize that they were no different from each other.”


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