Caazapá-Yuty route will provide employment for about 700 people

Global Peace Foundation
June 20, 2014

Machinery for the construction work of route 8. Photo Credit: La Nacion

La Nacion published an article tracking the transformation that is taking place in the areas surrounding the Caazapá-Yuty route. The project is generating new jobs and business. Just prior to the commencement ceremony for work on the route, the Global Peace Foundation hosted a symposium where representatives of Korean businesses investing in the project attended.

This is an unofficial English translation of the article which appeared in Spanish. For the original Spanish article visit La Nacion.

Starting this Wednesday, construction of 83 kilometers of asphalting in the Caazapá-Yuty route will provide jobs for about 700 people, directly and indirectly, having a positive impact on the local economy.

In this city there is already recorded evidence of the transformation that this project is making. The project translates into an investment of about G. 351.000 million.

A man started up a concrete pipe factory, where approximately 70 people will work; the owner of a supply store in one day sold all the crushed stone that he had in addition to renting field machinery, tractors, tools and other work items.

Food vendors prepare to feed hundreds of workers and the land that runs along the muddy stretch of Caazapá-Yuty is acquiring new value. This is the effect that investment in infrastructure in a city brings. It is the strong commitment of Horacio Cartes’ administration to reach a goal of securing bids for projects this year that total more than 700 million dollars.

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