Brazil Youth Leaders Organize Charity Festival

Naomi Yakawich
August 29, 2017

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil is rallying youth, families and organizations in transforming underprivileged communities in Goiania. A collaborative three-year effort to raise funds and build partnerships has resulted in a powerful movement to bring social, academic and economic revolution to several neighborhoods, starting with Santos Dumond in the city of Goiania, Brazil.

Youth marching band performs for GPF community festival

GPF Brazil partnered with faith groups and music schools to provide workshops empowering youth with leadership training, capacity-building education and volunteer opportunities to expand their sense of ownership and the power of social action.

By instilling young people with moral and innovative leadership capacities, the collaborative programs inspire the upcoming generation to take initiative in creating solutions to the social and economic issues in their local communities starting with transformation within themselves.

United under the vision of GPF, partners like PROPEB School of Music, the music band Triumfo from the Military Police youth and the Evangelical Church Assembly of God, gathered educators, parents and youth leaders last July to coordinate the participation of youth volunteer groups in the planning of a square community festival called Viver Cidade-Mao Amiga (appreciate the city with helping hands). The ongoing effort will display local culinary vendors, beauty workshops, music programs and games for children and families.

PROPEB students participate in GPF organized charity festival

GPF’s LEAM (Leadership and Development by Music) project will also participate in the festival. Assembled in 2016, the LEAM Academy uses music to develop leadership capacities to address youth vulnerability caused by family instability, drugs and poverty.

The community festival will also provide medical and legal assistance. Besides free eye exams, community members will also have the opportunity to receive pro-bono legal assistance through AJUDE (Legal Assistance for Development and Education), a GPF program made up of volunteer law students and professionals in partnership with the School of Human Right (EDH), CONSEG (Community security Committees) and the Identification department from the Civil Police.

Proceeds from the festival will be used to build in the neighborhood, a football and general sports area for children living in the underprivileged society, increasing community bonding and combating the pervasive appearance of crime and drugs in public spaces.

Read more about GPF Brazil’s activities spearheading rehabilitation of the homeless and its mediation for educational reform.

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