Brazil to Host Global Peace Leadership Conference

Global Peace Foundation
November 3, 2015

Photo credit: Brazil Ministry of Toursim

In a couple of weeks, the Global Peace Leadership Conference will be held in the National Congress of Brazil and the University of Brasilia on November 12-13 under the theme “Development and Integrity for Moral and Innovative Leadership.” In 2011, Global Peace Foundation-Brazil hosted the second Latin American Global Peace Leadership Conference bringing over 4,000 civic leaders, politicians, and community members together.

Massimo Trombin, CEO of Global PeaceFoundation-Brazil speaks about the upcoming Global Peace Leadership Conference

Why Brasilia again? Massimo Trombin, CEO of Global Peace Foundation-Brazil, stated the return was natural since “Brasilia is the capital of the country, and it is critical to the development of the Latin American region.” Reflecting on previous leadership conferences, Trombin noted that the objectives were primarily focused on the development and promotion of the Latin American Presidential Mission, an association of former heads of state committed to greater regional integration, effective and transparent governance, and sustainable and equitable development. He continued to say that this year the Global Peace Leadership Conference will focus on “establishing relationships with public institutions and young emerging leaders.”

Under the theme, “Development and Integrity for Moral and Innovative Leadership,” the Global Peace Leadership Conference Brasilia 2015 aims to inspire aspiring leaders and community members to take action towards building a just and peaceful society in Brazil and eventually, worldwide.

Registration for the 2015 GPLC opens the first week of October. Stay tuned on the site!

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