Brazil launches Character and Creativity Initiative

Eric Olsen
September 4, 2013

Brazil has officially launched the Character and Creativity Initative.  The government as well as the community are taking great pride in this program’s launch and hopeful for the possibilities that the programs brings.

Brazil Launches Character & Creativity Initiative

On August 15, the Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) was presented at the Brazilian Congress and introduced in the name of the Office of Parliamentary Ombudsman of the Chamber of Deputies. 200 congressmen (about half of the total number in Brazil) were represented. The introduction of CCI in the name of this office, which audits all legislation going through congress, indicates the ownership that congressmen are taking to implement CCI at the national level.

In the eyes of leaders in Brazil, education has been a failure in the country. Recent protests in Brazil during the summer called for education and health reforms. As a result, the government is planning to allocate 75% of Brazil’s oil revenue to education reform and the remaining 25% to health.

CCI Pilot School Selected

Joaquim Camara Filho School in Goiania, Goias State had been selected as the pilot school for the Character & Creativity Initiative in Brazil. The day school is located within a poverty stricken neighborhood, with most of the families on welfare. Among other challenges, welfare has had a devastating impact on the community where parents are not incentivized to get a job.

On Aug 15-16, a CCI training was held at the school for teachers, administrators, State Education Leaders, community leaders, business leaders, and student representatives, who welcomed CCI and feel that it can transform their school.

Advocacy for CCI

Numerous Senators at the Brazilian Congress, Ministry of Education Officials, Business Leaders, School Principals, Teachers and Religious Leaders were met and unanimously stated that this is the “right time for Character and Creativity in Brazil.”

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