Action For Korean United Founds New Chapter in Gyeongnam State

Eric Olsen
July 20, 2015

Action for Korea United (AKU), a coalition of over 587 civil society organizations, is part of a growing movement in Korea advocating a peaceful reunification of North and South Korea to support regional peace and co-prosperity for all Koreans. On July 20, 2015 some sixty regional government and civil society leaders gathered to inaugurate a new Action for Korea United chapter in Gyeongnam State.

Group of leaders pose at AKU event.

At the opening ceremony, Gabsan Lee, Co-standing Chairman of Action for Korean United, asked the assembled leaders to “develop a reunification movement that is not conceptual or exclusive but a one that is practiced in daily life that involves the whole country of Korea.”

One of Action for Korea United’s signature campaigns is the Everyday Unification Movement, which urges people to think about North Koreans and the reunification issue and take action in their daily lives. Some choose to donate to humanitarian relief projects, such as a bread factory in North Korea supported through the Global Peace Foundation’s Miracle of 1,000 Won project, while others pursue education in a field related to reunification or donate their talents in other ways.

Myunghui Lee, Professor of Gongju University and Co-standing Chairman of Action for Korean United, speaks at the AKU event.

Speaker Myunghui Lee, Professor of Gongju University and Co-standing Chairman of Action for Korean United, encouraged the AKU chapters to practice reunification within the coalition, saying, “Even though our regional chapters are located in different places, we should coordinate our activities in one direction.”

Intaek Seo, President of Action for Korean United, gave a progress report on the New Era Unification Song Campaign that is spearheaded by AKU and other civil society and religious organizations. This coming October 9, at Sang Am World Cup Stadium, AKU will join 50,000 citizens to celebrate their passion for reunification, with famous K-pop stars performing the new Unification Song.

Speaker Huijeon Kang, President of Korean Peninsula Association and recently named president of the AKU Gyeongnam State Chapter, spoke on the core purpose of the coalition. “Starting as a grassroots movement which practices reunification, let us always think about the 80 million Koreans’ cherished desire for reunification as we move forward, changing the uncertainty that exists today in Korean society to a future that practices reunification. Action for Korean United Gyeongnam Chapter will create a nationwide bond based on empathy, through reunification campaigns that are practiced in real life.”

Action for Korean United believes that before addressing political or economic reunification issues, building a national consensus for a reunified Korean peninsula is more urgent. Korean heritage is founded on the principle of “hongik ingan,” living for the benefit of humanity, as seen in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and stands as the backbone and driving force of the campaign.

The Global Peace Foundation is a founding coalition partner of Action for Korea United, which continues to gain momentum throughout Korea and among supporters around the world. To find up-to-date information, visit AKU’s Facebook Page or Action for Korea United’s webpage.

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