Action for Korea United Older Generation Raises Funds to Feed North Korean Youth

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September 8, 2015

Action for Korea United (AKU) is a coalition of over 400 non-profit civic organizations, advancing a grassroots and high-level movement to support the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. On April 23, AKU established its newest chapter in Mungyeong, Gyeongsang Province. Notable public servants and other community leaders from 22 various organizations joined the chapter launch.

North Korean children eating bread, donated by the Miracle of 1000 won.

One of Action for Korea United’s signature projects is “Miracle of 1000 Won,” raising funds to support a bakery in North Korea that provides fresh bread for young school children.

The average size of North Korean children is 8 cm in height and 10 kg in weight different from children south of the 38th  parallel. Any added nourishment makes a life-changing impact for each child. “The Miracle of 1000 Won not only provides physical essentials, but hope from their family in the South.

The civic and community leaders went out to personally engage  with local business owners and raise funds for the “Miracle of  1,000 Won.”. Being from an older generation, brought their  memories and the emotional connection to the history of the peninsula’s split, as well as their more seasoned perspective, experience and dialogue to their encounters with local business owners and locals.

Civic and community leader fundraising for the Miracle of 1000 won.

The experience deepened the sense of ownership shared by the Action for Korea United members. This year, Action for Korea United has joined with a broader coalition, One Korea Coalition that has reached across conservative and liberal sectors of Korea civil society as well as the broad spectrum of Korea’s faith community to realize Korean reunification.

The coalition is hosting a New Unification Song competition that has engaged top K-pop personalities to issue a new song that can draw popular support and engagement from both the younger and older generations to achieve the the dream of One Korea. The music video will be rolled out at the 1K concert on October 9 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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