2019 Global Peace Convention: Innovative Strategies for Education Implementation

Global Peace Foundation
February 20, 2019

Our ever-changing society calls for education systems, schools, educators and leaders to reimagine their programs and approaches and strategically align them, by keeping the long-term interest of their students in mind. Essential education paradigm shifts are needed. For this reason and more, educators and leaders from around are gathering in Seoul for the 2019 Global Peace Convention on February 27 for the Forum on Transforming Education.

Dr. Tony Devine and hundreds of educators gather in the Philippines for the Global Peace Convention 2017

Transforming education will require new ideas, innovative strategies, realignment of resources, rethinking professional development and more experimental models that are aimed at enhancing educators and students lifelong learning outcomes. Educators will need to: participate in ongoing professional development; embrace team building; model character, values and skills; and be master facilitators who are student-centered. They should also stimulate new entrepreneurial approaches and out-of-the-box thinking that will help speed up the changes needed for their students so that they are adequately prepared for society and an evolving job market.

Both educators and their students will need to adapt quickly by acquiring a broad set of skills and competencies that will help them advance themselves and develop the human condition in a fast-changing society and job market. These include: problem-solving; critical thinking; creativity; being lifelong learners; entrepreneurship; digital and data skills; interdisciplinary learning; acquiring synthesizing and applying new knowledge; STEM and Arts integration; sports and service that exemplify character, values and skills.

The second panel at the Forum on Transforming Education will explore Innovative Strategies for Education Implementation with in-depth discussion groups and speakers covering topics like Developing Digital and Data Skills, Intercultural Competencies, Interdisciplinary and Lifelong Learning, School and Community Partnerships, and much more!

Wherever you are, you can be a part of the 2019 Global Peace Convention in Seoul. Sign up for newsletters so you don’t miss the latest on transformative education and its contribution to peacebuilding around the world. Find Panel One of the Forum on Transforming Education HERE.

Forum on Transforming Education

Hotel President, Schubert Hall, Seoul, Korea,

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Seoul, Republic of Korea, February 26th – March 1st, 2019

Panel Two: Innovative Strategies for Education Implementation


Maria Elaine P. De Velez, CEO and Co-Founder, Frontlearners, Inc.


Dr. Suzanne Dillon, Assistant Chief Inspector, Department of Education and Skills, Ireland. Chair, OECD’s The Future of Education and Skills 2030

Wha Kuk Lee, Director, Korea Institute of Character Education

Ashok Pandey, Principal, Ahlcon International School, Delhi, India

Brenda Valerio, Program Head, IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. Philippines

Mutheu Kasanga, Chairperson, Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA)

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