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What We Do

Global Peace Foundation promotes an innovative, values-based approach to peacebuilding. GPF programs support social cohesion, empower families, build models of development, and promote moral and innovative leadership.

 MANILA 2017  | ASUNCION 2014  |  KUALA LUMPUR 2013  |  ATLANTA 2012  |  SEOUL 2011  |  NAIROBI 2010  |  MANILA 2009The Global... Learn more
Global Peace Education the Education Division of Global Peace Foundation, works with educators and stakeholders around... Learn more
Global Peace Women is the women's division of the Global Peace Foundation. We promote the extended family ideal to build healthy... Learn more
Interfaith Social Forum Global Peace Foundation Brazil speakers
The Global Peace Foundation believes that, in addition to the unique and primary religious mission of their faith traditions,... Learn more
There are 1.2 billion people between the ages of 15 to 24 in the world. They represent an incredible potential of innovation,... Learn more
Identity-based conflict has its roots in limited, often adversarial conceptions of human community. In the twentieth century,... Learn more
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Around the world regional hot-spots of ethnic, religious or ideological conflict threaten global security.  The Global Peace... Learn more
AboutGlobal Peace Development is a community-based development program that is committed to fostering family self-reliance in the... Learn more
Leadership in governance, business and nonprofit sector, communities and families is among the most important factors in defining... Learn more
Northeast Asian peace, global peace foundation
The division of Korea has wide-reaching impact on Northeast Asian Regional peace as well as global security. However, traditional... Learn more