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“A florist is not just a person who makes pretty flower arrangements..."Technical Skills Training Offers A Path to Economic Stability for North Korean Defectors
Published on 19/11/2018
Few people get a glimpse into the obscure lives of North Korean citizens, but Father Jerry Hammond of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers is a rare exception.
Published on 30/10/2018
By Michael Marshall, Editor Emeritus, UPIIn the run-up to the June 12 summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un there has been no shortage of debate and analysis.
Published on 11/06/2018
One Dream One Korea, a song composed by Kim Hyung-suk, was released on September 18, 2015 as part of The New Era of Unification Song Campaign organized by over one thousand civic Korean and interna
Published on 04/05/2018
“We were never different. Don’t forget that fact.”
Published on 27/04/2018
Action for Korea United representative, Intek Seo speaks at the Alliance for Peacebuilding forum
Global Peace Foundation, Action for Korea United examine unification as a “third way” toward resolving the crisis on the Korean Peninsula at Alliance for Peacebuilding briefing in Washington.
Published on 08/02/2018
Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation, delivered the following address at the Economic Forum on One Korea held on December 8, 2017 at the FKI Tower in Seoul, Korea.
Published on 11/01/2018