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Regional Peacebuilding: News

The Global Peace Foundation Korea, the Korean International Trade Association, and the China-Korea Hanmaeum Association co-hosted a history and cultural education tour for Koreans living in China on March 21-22.
Published on 21/03/2015
South Korea’s growing international development experience will hold important lessons in any future scenario of reunification with North Korea, Ambassador Young-mok Kim, president of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), told a Washington D.C. forum on March11. 
Published on 18/03/2015
The Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Global Peace Foundation hosted the third in a series of forums examining new approaches to Korean Reunification.
Published on 16/03/2015
global humanitarian development
On March 11th in Washington, D.C., the Global Peace Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted an active and dynamic forum on global efforts for humanitarian development and engaging civil society. Check out the highlights below.
Published on 11/03/2015
The Civil Society Organization of Korea hosted their year-end awards ceremony on December 10 at the Grand Convention Center. The Global Peace Foundation - Korea, represented by President In Taek Seo, was recognized with this year’s Grand Prize, the NGO Collaboration Award.
Published on 26/01/2015
The Global Peace Foundation – Korea received the Grand Prize in the Youth Leadership Category at the 12th Annual Korean Youth Award ceremony hosted by the Korean Youth Newspaper.
Published on 09/01/2015
The Global Peace Leadership Conference held in New Delhi, the capitol of India, the birthplace of many world religions, concluded with a powerful commitment from faith leaders around the region to "forge vibrant and meaningful interfaith partnerships and programs for promoting universal social co
Published on 11/12/2014
"The Korean Peninsula's stability is crucial for maintaining regional peace and security," Mongolia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized Wednesday at a forum examining Mongolia's role in Korean diplomacy co-hosted by the Global Peace Foundation and CSIS in Washington, D.C.
Published on 05/12/2014