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WASHINGTON, DC— Members of the Latin American Presidential Mission marked the 30th anniversary of the Esquipulas Accords that ended decades of conflict in Central America by proposing a revival of the Esquipulas process to address the region’s current problems during a visit to Washington this we
Published on 22/03/2016
The earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015 left over two million people displaced. Many of those without homes currently reside in temporary shelters with limited resources. 
Published on 22/03/2016
For the 30th anniversary of the Esquipulas Accords, several members of the Latin American Presidential Mission gathered together in Washington this week.
Published on 18/03/2016
GSU GPY Leadership workshop group photo
 “I learned that if I don’t like the way something is or if I don’t agree with it, I need to take the initiative to change it. I shouldn’t back away from problems, but face them head on.” -Shanyne Douglas (GSU Senior)
Published on 18/03/2016
Elza Kochueva Featured Leader
"Leaders are the stimulating force that drives society forward, bringing people together as one and pushing them to achieve great things."-Elza Kochueva
Published on 16/02/2016