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"Character building is one of the primary attributes in leadership. As a role model for youth and other emerging leaders, being innovative has created a way for many to motivate and move the masses to highlight traditions of service." -Irijah Stennett
Published on 27/05/2016
NYU students discussion with Michael Marshall
“It is our contention that reunification and Korean identity are intimately connected together,” affirmed Mr. Michael Marshall, Senior Research Adviser for the Global Peace Foundation, at a New York University (NYU) Korean reunification event.
Published on 20/05/2016
Global Peace Foundation, Montana Garbage Removal Project
City residents volunteer as a part of Montana's Brig
Published on 16/05/2016
The Billings Community Center in Billings, Montana was filled with volunteers from service organizations, churches, Scout troops, neighborhood task forces, families and individuals on Saturday for the national Great American Cleanup, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. 
Published on 11/05/2016
University of Maryland's Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity was the first Greek organization in the United States to become a certified Safe Haven, an organization trained in human trafficking awareness and response.
Published on 13/04/2016
Four former Central American presidents of the Latin American Presidential Mission visited the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Published on 28/03/2016
Julia Rachiele GPY Featured Leader
 "Our world exhibits a need for true change socially, economically, and politically. Innovative leaders can usher through progressive changes with the right programs and the right tools as the world continues to change for the better and worse." -Julia Rachiele
Published on 25/03/2016