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Feature Leader Srijana Bhandari
“Serve others without expectation. Help those who really need your help; loving and caring for them as your family. We are One Family under God.”
Published on 22/07/2016
Global Peace Foundation, U.S.-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Co-Host Washington, DC Forum and Congressional Briefing
Published on 19/07/2016
Through their writings and public appearances, North Korean defectors are playing a growing role in the groundwork for re-establishing One Korea. Many work with South Korean civic groups such as Action for Korea United to spread information among the people in the North.
Published on 15/07/2016
Grace Jo supports 1Korea Campaign
“I wouldn’t be here without the people with a big heart for North Korea.” Grace Jo, a North Korean defector, expressed her gratitude to all who participated in the
Published on 15/07/2016
Nigerian diaspora leaders in the Washington, DC metropolitan area met at the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Headquarters offices in Lanham, Maryland on June 16 for a program to welcome new friends, learn more about Nigeria from Nigerians, and raise awareness and support for GPF’s One Family under
Published on 24/06/2016
"Love and service is the root of making a difference in the world and it starts with you." -Ton Nguyen
Published on 23/06/2016
Group photo of Shinnecock Youth Council at the United Nations during the 2015 International Young Leaders Assembly
“It doesn’t make you a leader by the amount of followers that you have, what makes you a leader is how many people you teach and how many people live out the lifestyle that you show them.” Paulette Brown, a member of the Shinnecock Youth Council, shared about her experience at the 2015 Internatio
Published on 13/06/2016