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In December 2018, Newsweek published the following article from reporter Tom O’Connor on the future of U.S.-North Korea relations that quotes portions of Global Peace Foundation Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon’s keynote address at the 2018 International Forum on One Korea in Washington D.C.
Published on 04/01/2019
WASHINGTON, December 13, 2019—Korea experts examined current events and opportunities presented for unification of the Korean peninsula based on a shared history and heritage at a packed forum at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington on December 12.
Published on 14/12/2018
WASHINGTON DC, November 2018— Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya Country Director, Daniel Juma Omondi, accompanied Ministry of Education officials and other education stakeholders in a tour of United States high schools as members of the Kenya National STEM Learning Ecosystem.
Published on 04/12/2018
FLORIDA, USA, October 17, 2018— Global Peace Foundation (GPF) and the Latin American Presidential Mission, an association of Latin American former heads of state founded by GPF in 2012, played a major role in the annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Exhibition.
Published on 21/11/2018
Ohnshim Kim at the World Bank
International Youth Day, celebrated every year on August 12 around the world, is designed to draw attention to the present challenges surrounding youth.
Published on 24/10/2018