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“There is so much youth can do for the reunification of the Korean peninsula.” —Hee ryoung Kim
Published on 23/10/2017
Over thirty international youth delegates were invited to a cultural exchange and reception at the Philippines Embassy in Washington D.C. during the 2017 International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA).
Published on 12/09/2017
Global Peace Education's Character and Creativity Initiative invited into Kenya's STEM programs to transform school culture
Published on 21/07/2017
Washington, DC Forum Promotes the Role of Civil Society in Building an International Alliance for Reunification
Published on 20/07/2017
Cross-Community Engagement (CCE) completed its pilot program in Jersey
Published on 28/06/2017
IYLA Great Falls hike
Are you looking for a summer program to expand your horizons as a world-class leader and gain a global perspective in addressing the most challenging issues of our time?
Published on 22/06/2017
Thirty Latino and African-American middle school students demonstrated their conviction to make their community safer for all people across barriers of race, religion and socio-economic status following the completion of their participation in the 
Published on 20/06/2017
CCE awarded certificates
“I’m so happy and honored to be here today because I’m in the presence of our future leaders,” Councilman Jermaine Robinson welcomed Jersey City Cross-Community Engagement (CCE) youth at a gathering in
Published on 08/06/2017
Latin American Presidential Mission executives meet with Esquipulas Foundation
The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) joined the Latin American Presidential Mission (LAPM) in a meeting presenting both associations’ leading projects on May 9 in Washington DC.
Published on 13/05/2017
Values of Family and Faith are Important to 'New Pilgrims'
Published on 10/05/2017