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Tension continues to grow on the Korean peninsula but it is not stopping an international powerhouse of musical talent from sharing the dream for peaceful reunification through song. 
Published on 06/09/2017
GPW Peace Begins in the Home campaign support Korean reunification efforts
More than eight hundred Korean citizens participated in Global Peace Women (GPW) Korea’s most recent “Peace Begins in the Home” campaign to promote the significance and importance of Korea’s traditional family-values in building a thriving modern society.
Published on 02/08/2017
Children Korean Traditional Music Chorus performs at Peace Vigil
A solemn evening candlelight ceremony in Seoul opened a Peace Vigil commemorating the outbreak of the Korean War sixty-seven years ago. The vigil, held in Gwanghwamun Square on June 25, was a grave reminder of the division and heartbreak that lingers on the peninsula to this day.
Published on 13/07/2017
International students promote One Dream for One Korea
Partnering with UNICEF and UN Habitat, Global Peace Youth (GPY) Korea and the Korean International Students Services Association (KISSA) gathered forty international students from thirty different countries on May 17-20 in Seoul for a series of workshops and campaign projects to inspire “one drea
Published on 05/07/2017
Forty international students participated in a three-day One Korea camp to learn about the urgent need for Korean reunification and creative ways to bring awareness to the cause through popular media culture like the mannequin challenge at Kyungbok Palace featured here. Pa
Published on 03/07/2017