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The 2019 Global Peace Convention will host educators from around the world in a Forum on Transforming Education to explore innovative education models that stress new collaborative partnerships and the education of the "whole chi
Published on 12/02/2019
Outside the center of Seoul, a thick cluster of trees surrounds the Ahn Jung-Geun Memorial Hall, a grid-like structure of 12 enormous blocks representing the 1
Published on 11/02/2019
The One Korea Global Campaign is reconnecting to the spirit of the independence movement that motivated leaders like Ahn Changho.
Published on 07/02/2019
The following declaration (translated from Korean) was read aloud on March 1, 1919 in Seoul's Pagoda Park.
Published on 24/01/2019
After reaching the top of Busosan Mountain, Young-Jin Park walked through Busosanseong Fortress, an old but proud mud fortress that once protected the region of Sabi (now Buyeo county), the capital of an ancient Korean kingdom called Baekje. 
Published on 23/01/2019
In South Korea, the major focus of high school students is studying for college entrance exams with little opportunity to think about world affairs or even about their own country’s affairs. Professor Roger D.
Published on 22/01/2019
Tish Honojosa sings in front of barbed wire at the DMZ
“Donde Voy, donde voy(Where I go, where I go)Esperanza es mi destinacion(Hope is my destination)Solo estoy, solo estoy(I’m alone, I’m alone)Por el monte profugo me voy(through the wilderness a fugitive I go)”
Published on 18/01/2019
One hundred years ago, the Korean people came together in solidarity on March 1, 1919 to peacefully protest colonial rule and declare their independence.
Published on 15/01/2019
GPF Founder Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon gives remarks at the 2018
Published on 09/01/2019