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Indonesia: News

“The Asia-Pacific Forum on Youth Volunteerism to Promote Participation, Development and Peace was organized by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), in collaboration with UNESCO, the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) and the Global Young Leaders Academy.
Published on 06/10/2014
“The function [of the Asia-Pacific Forum] was aimed at enhancing knowledge and strategies with regard to youth participation in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and forming cross-regional and cross-cultural youth service networks in the region.
Published on 06/10/2014
At the close of the International Multifaith Youth Assembly, participating youth and interfaith leaders made the following Peace Declaration in front of the National Monument of Indonesia.
Published on 13/09/2014
In June, the Global Peace Foundation conducted two interfaith programs focused on the youth in two very different regions of the world: Southern Kaduna State in Nigeria and Jakarta, Indonesia.
Published on 01/09/2014
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“Serving together in common cause breaks down barriers that exist between peoples in conflict, and can be a powerful instrument for cultural exchange, understanding, personal transformation and ultimately peace.” 
Published on 21/08/2014
 “Service – whether elected, military, faith-based, or in the non-profit sector – brings people from across the country and across the aisle together to see eye to eye and learn from each other as they work for a shared purpose.” - Fortune Magazine
Published on 10/07/2014
My name is Gede Pandu Wirawan.
Published on 13/01/2014