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Identity-Based Conflict

“One Nation under God” Campaign to Build Community Resilience ahead of the 2017 Balloting in Kenya
Kenya Campus Peace Forum Highlights Values to Counter Radicalization

Identity-based conflict has its roots in limited, often adversarial conceptions of human community. In the twentieth century, identity-based divisions led to genocidal violence and grave human rights abuses.

The Global Peace Foundation in its field activities in fifteen nations, in its educational initiatives, and in its regional and international conferences and conventions affirms the common bonds and identity of all people, regardless of ethnicity, religion and nationality, as members of One Family under God.

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Thirty Latino and African-American middle school students demonstrated their conviction to make their community safer for all people across barriers of race, religion and socio-economic status following the completion of their participation in the 
Published on 20/06/2017
Through the concerted efforts of stakeholders in the One Family under God Campaign, leaders from seven native districts and the only local Fulani district in the Chiefdom have agreed to end hostilities
Published on 12/06/2017