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Global Peace Foundation Cambodia's main program is the Basic English Language Instruction Program which educates youth in the English language. Cambodia's educational system is strained and Global Peace Volunteers, college-age students from impressive universities such as the Royal University of Phnom Pehn, Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the University of Phthissastra, help to fill in the gap by teaching children English. This helps improve their literacy rate and better prepares them for a job in the future. 

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Kawabata delivers bottles to students
Education at the primary level is considered to be one of the most crucial components of every student’s academic journey. Here, children develop the foundation to build impactful human resources and their potential as future leaders.
Published on 04/01/2018
"Telling one thousand people that you care about the environment won't make them do the same unless you take action." -Rith Chanlakhena (Global Peace Volunteer)
Published on 11/09/2017