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Become a Partner

The ideal of One Family under God is a simple but transcendent paradigm for the human community, yet the sobering realities of extremist violence, ethnic conflict, and poverty in many parts of the world reminds us that it remains a distant goal.

But it is not an impossible goal. GPF is advancing character and creativity education; working to transcend religious and ethnic divisions in regions of conflict; promoting environmental sustainability; building models of community-based development; and promoting transnational service learning as living approaches the ideal of One Family under God.

Our work in fifteen nations is progressing with support of partners from government, business, the faith community, educational institutions, businesses, and a corps of inspired volunteers. We are looking for the innovation, expertise, and resources that can bring this vision to new communities and nations. Please contact a regional office or our headquarters office in Washington, DC to discuss how you can collaborate to renew our commitment to the peace and welfare of the entire human family.